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About The Walk Like A King Mentoring Program 

(Formally the 1,000 Kings Leadership Academy)

The circumstances in America, perhaps the world over, concerning our young men is beyond crises. I believe that we are at the precipice of driving the presence of males to the point of irrelevance and impotency via the absence of a clear path to significance.  In fact, I believe that there's a kind of assault on what it truly means to be a man in any culture.

Many of our youngmen grow up without the benefit of having a strong, principled man in their lives and are forced to seek their identity in the unforgiving streets. This unguided pursuit leaves them filled with misinformation concerning the true nature of manhood. The Walk Like A King Online Mentoring Mentoring Program for Boys (formally the 1,000 Kings Leadership Academy) is their answer to questions concerning: Integrity, Self-Control, Goal Setting, Love, Personal Hygiene, Spirituality, Community Service and Education.

Walk Like A King is a self-paced online mentoring program that was created specifically with the young man in mind. It addresses real life issues with practicality and offers clearly outlined solutions from a male perspective. The coaching video's will give your young king an opportunity to see leadership in action, the audio coaching provides them with a chance to download the training to their phone and listen as they go about their day. The embedded worksheets provide an immediate opportunity to implement what they've learned and the quizzes at the end of each lesson helps the to keep track of their development with ease.

This program will teach your young king how to:

  • Use his gifts to lead others
  • Set attainable goals and accomplish them
  • Overcome adversity with style and grace
  • Take ownership of his outward appearance
  • Build a solution to overcome laziness
  • Love himself, his family, and his community
  • Use education to develop a career pathway
  • Develop a K.I.N.G Mindset
  • Motivate himself
  • Be strong in his convictions
  • Choose the right friends

As a father and a husband I understand the value of being a strong presence and an example of consistency. Our children thrive off of the pace that we set. They learn how to see the world through our eyes first. As a parent, I am charged with the assignment to teach my children to not only live a fulfilled life, but a principled one. The lessons your young king will learn in the Walk Like A King Online Mentoring Program for Boys are the same lessons that I teach my children. These lessons have also helped transform the lives of  hundreds of other young leaders.



Here is what a few of our past students think:

"I learned that I have to change my friends. If we don't have anything in common then they are leading me down the wrong path." -Akil

"I learned that you gotta have dream keepers, not dream killers. Dream keepers help build you up and give you a [stronger] desire to go towards your dream." -Jerrod

"If you want to pursue your passions you gotta just do it. It's not going to be easy, but if you really want something you can go for it. I learned that I can inspire others just like I was inpsired here today!" -Javier

Registration Ends January 19, 2018. 

Course Opens on Monday, January 22, 2018

(Only 50 slots available)

Register Today!
Jesse A. Cole, Jr. | M.Ed., Leadership
Jesse A. Cole, Jr. | M.Ed., Leadership
Faith In Business Leadership Coach

About the Instructor

Jesse Cole has dedicated his life to helping people realize their leadership potential, achieve their desired reality and repair their confidence to become the better version of themselves. He has directly impacted leaders from all walks of life both nationally and internationally, teaching them how to create their leadership framework, manage their influence, empower their teams, and boost their performance results.

The creator of The Kingdom Mogul Effect™ and The 5 Stages of Leadership Growth™, Cole has helped to transform the lives of leaders in diverse domains. Best known for blending his life story with transformational principles, Cole shares strategies that have contributed to his success and have improved the lives of his clients in the shortest amount of time. Through honest and transparent engagement, Jesse Cole will provide you with the tools to live a fulfilling life. A life that you can be proud of. The life you were meant to live.

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Due to the nature of the content provided in the Walk Like A King Online Mentoring Program for Boys, refunds are not allowed. Refunds are also not allowed when course(s) are purchased using a coupon code. If you, or someone who has access to your account, purchases the course, downloads any of the material, and then decides to cancel your membership, you will not be refunded.